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Wednesday's Child: Animal lover Alex is looking for his forever home

13-year-old Alex is looking for a loving family that can make him feel safe and secure. A place where he feels like he belongs.

BOISE, Idaho — This week's Wednesday's Child is something special. His name is Alex and he is 13 years old. 

KTVB met up with Alex at Zoo Boise, the perfect place for such a big animal lover like Alex.

"I really love animals," Alex said. "The tigers and the cats."

"Alex is a very mild kiddo, when he does get excited or giggly that is something special," Heather Newcomb, Alex's social worker said. "He is quiet and he has a lot of energy inside... very altruistic, I love spending time with him its been a lot of fun."

Heather said Alex's smile is contagious and he has the best laugh.

"He really does, when he gets going, he can make the whole room laugh, just because he's very genuine," Newcomb said. "His personality is so fun."

Alex has a number of different interests.

"There is always something new I'm learning about him, always," Newcomb said.

"I love drawing, watching tv and playing basketball," Alex said.

Alex has always liked taking care of other people and giving a helping hand; so much so, that it might just be his career path.

"I want to be a therapist," Alex said. "Yeah, because I love helping people."

"He has certainly had his fair share of trauma experiences in his life and despite that he is resilient, he loves people and he cares and wants other people around him to be happy," Newcomb said. "His therapist right now is amazing and he sees how she is helping him and he wants to have a formal role in doing that for others too."

Alex is looking for a loving family that can make him feel safe and secure. A place where he feels like he belongs. He is ready to share that love with a forever family.

"Somebody who is going to be there, a mom or dad that is going to be there who actually cares that I can talk to and actually talk to and trust," Alex said, "and accepts who I am."

"He will need to have an adult and caregiver to trust him and for him to trust and who he can rely on and not worry about whether they are going to leave him," Newcomb said. "Quite frankly I think that's common in foster care, for a child that's a big loss, so it's important we get this right... we got to get this right for Alex."

For more information on Alex and to learn more about him, visit his bio on Idaho Wednesday's Child by clicking here or by contacting Idaho Wednesday's Child. Alex's team wants to share more about him with you.

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