BOISE - A video showing a brave 3-year-old girl and those who are supporting her in her battle against cancer is getting a lot of attention on social media.

In the video, Addie Abernathey shaves her head to get ready for chemotherapy. What makes the video even more touching is the people who shaved their heads right along with her, and what they did to give her a special a day.

Addie was diagnosed with cancer on Christmas day has already undergone several cycles of chemo to treat the rare and aggressive tumor in her sinus, which is affecting her right eye.

Now, this brave little girl is in the battle of her young life.

"She doesn't care that her hair's gone, she doesn't care that her eye won't open," said Addie's mom, Kristee Abernathey. "She's just been an amazing little spirit."

Addie recently shaved her head to prepare for treatment, but it was how she did it that makes this story so special.

"Addie said 'I want to shave my head but I don't want to do it alone... so I would love if Luke would shave his head with me,'" said Kristee.

8-year-old Luke wanted to support his little sister.

"Then he came to the school and was talking to his friends about it and Mr. Broyles overheard it and then they came up with a plan, maybe we should all do this together," Kristee explained.

More students at Pioneer School of the Arts got on board, so teacher K.C. Broyles put together a head-shaving party.

"It's difficult, that's hard and we wanted to make sure it was special as possible for her," Broyles said.

And it was special. Addie's party was captured on video by her dad.

"She just had a great time," said Kristee. "She was all smiles."

Addie's big sister, Aydree was impressed by all of the support.

"I thought it was cool that all the boys shaved their heads for Addie, and Addie how happy she was and how much fun she had," she said.

The powerful and emotional video is getting a lot of attention on the Hope for Addie Facebook page. It's been viewed more than 60,000 times.

"I saw it, and of course the first thing that came was some tears in my eyes," said Mr. Broyles.

"We're just so thankful that Addie had such a fun experience at a time that could have been really difficult for her," said Kristee.

In a happy update, the Abernathey family tells KTVB that a recent PET scan shows no cancer activity right now, meaning that the chemotherapy appears to be working. Addie still has several months of treatment ahead of her.

To follow her journey, visit the Hope for Addie Facebook page.