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Special needs adults shine at adaptive clogging class in Nampa

Robbie Walker's passion for teaching is what keeps his dancers coming back, week after week.

NAMPA - Sometimes finding activities or adaptive classes for adults with special needs can be a challenge. A dance teacher in Nampa decided to take on that challenge, by offering a clogging class.

Now, these all-stars are truly shining in their element, and having a blast along the way.

It's all happening at Idaho Rhythm School of Music and Dance.

Robbie Walker is the man behind the adaptive clogging class - which is designed for adults with special needs.

"It's just about dancing your heart out and enjoying yourself along the way," Robbie said.

His passion for teaching is what keeps his dancers coming back, week after week.

"I get excited for clogging," said class member Emily Lopez.

Her mom says it's something she really looks forward to.

"We wake up every morning on Wednesday knowing we are coming to clogging," Sheryl Phillips said. "He's an awesome guy, he has a heart for these [students]."

Robbie says teaching this class is something he loves to do.

"I have a passion with working with special needs people, and they're fascinating and awesome and wonderful," he said. "It's my favorite class that I get to teach throughout the week but don't tell my other students."

You can tell by watching a class, the feeling is mutual.

"I like Robbie because he's a cool teacher," said one student.

Credit: Paul Boehlke/KTVB
Robbie Walker (in red) and his students enjoy their weekly clogging class at Idaho Rhythm Music and Dance in Nampa.

The group also gets to take their show on the road. Next month, they'll take part in a competition at Lagoon in Utah.

"If anybody has any special needs kids or is looking for adaptive classes I would highly encourage them to come," Sheryl said. "Robbie is so good with them."

For more information on this clogging class, and how you can be a part of it, check out the Idaho Rhythm's website or Facebook page.