BOISE - When Boise Police Cpl. Kevin Holtry returns from Colorado, his home will have a brand new look.

Holtry's fellow officers and members of the community came together to help out the injured officer and his family with upgrades to their house.

The outpouring of goodwill comes as Holtry undergoes rehabilitation at a Denver hospital for spinal cord injuries. He was shot multiple times by a suspect on the Boise Bench in November. The injuries left him hospitalized for weeks, and he eventually lost his left leg to amputation.

A team consisting of police officers, business owners, and other members of the community are pulling together to remodel the home of Boise Police officer Kevin Holtry, who was seriously injured in a shooting in November.
A team consisting of police officers, business owners, and other members of the community are pulling together to remodel the home of Boise Police officer Kevin Holtry, who was seriously injured in a shooting in November.

In an emotional video earlier this month, the veteran officer explained that he is now paralyzed, but is hopeful that the damage to spinal cord will not be permanent.

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As Holtry continues his therapy in Colorado, there is a lot of activity at his Boise home.

"It started out just to paint the girl's rooms, his daughters rooms," said BPD Officer Tim Beaudoin. "It went from a little bit of paint to tearing out all of his floor, repainting all of his house, updating appliances."

The project began when his fellow officers wanted to do something, anything to help.

"I think the officers were tripping over themselves trying to find work to do at the house," said Officer Rob Rainford.

It wasn't just Boise Police officers pitching in. Neighbors and other members of the community wanted to help as well.

"We came over, we had a vision, and a bunch of people jumped in from the community, officers and businesses," said Beaudoin.

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Nearly all of the building supplies were donated thanks to the generosity of local businesses. New hardwood floors were installed to make getting around the house easier for Kevin when he comes home.

"When this tragedy happened to him, I was at the hospital visiting and I overheard they were doing a flooring project and I wanted to get involved," said Brad Craven with Sunrise Hardwood Floors.

Holtry's fellow officers helped install the flooring.

"There was about 15 of them that weren't going anywhere, so I figured we had to get them busy," said Craven.

As donations continued to pour in, upgrades on the kitchen began, and Holtry's daughters were surpised with complete makeovers of their rooms.

"There was such an opportunity to bring joy and love and happiness to a family that hadn't had a lot for a little while," said Janet Gorringe, owner of Inspired Living. "Something that kind of tore at my heart strings, so to be able to do this for them was an incredible opportunity."

Cpl. Holtry hasn't seen all of the renovations in person yet, but he's well aware of the outpouring of support.

"We ended up taking a video and calling him," explained Beaudoin. "We cried, yeah, we cried. I can't even describe the feeling. It was amazing."

The volunteers already have plans to do even more work to make the house a better fit for Holtry, including widening doorways and hallways, expanding the bathroom and bedroom, and adding ramps.

"He wouldn't ask for this, quite honestly, he would never ask for us to do this," said Beaudoin. "But we did it for him, and he would absolutely jump in and take this project on and do this for anyone of us, any day."

The home remodel is not the only way the community has jumped in to help the Holtrys. Over the holidays someone decorated their home with Christmas lights, and neighbors have been busy shoveling the snow from in front the house.

As for Officer Holtry's future, he will be in Colorado for at least several weeks. Boise Police tell us Holtry will always be a Boise Police Officer, and he will be a member of the team for as long as he wants to be.

Here are the generous donors who have made the renovations possible:

  • Fraternal Order of Police - Treasure Valley Lodge 11
  • R and R Flooring
  • Sunrise Hardwood Floors
  • Tree City Hardwood Floors
  • Access Heating and Air
  • Ferguson Enterprises
  • Sherwin Williams
  • Janet Gorringe with Inspired Living

If you would like to help, a GoFundMe page has been set up.

Donations are also being accepted:

In person at Mountain West Bank:
Fraternal Order of Police Treasure Valley Lodge #11
Injured Officer Fund – Kevin Holtry

By Mail:
FOP Lodge #11
PO Box 642
Meridian, Idaho 83680
Kevin Holtry in MEMO LINE