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7's HERO: A 73-year-old Caldwell woman's fence was tagged with graffiti, strangers showed up to help

Sally found the graffiti all along her back fence and she worked for hours trying to remove it. Katee Fuller just happened to be driving by. The rest is history.

CALDWELL, Idaho — Graffiti is nothing new in our communities, but when it happens to show up on your home, or on your property without consent, it can be really upsetting.

A 73-year-old woman in Caldwell was shocked to find out her back fence was tagged. Sally has lived in the quiet neighborhood for over ten years. 

"I came out and looked and it began at the front of my fence and went almost over to the gate, and I thought well it's going to take me all summer, but I can rub and scrub and get it off. So, I went and bought some graffiti removal stuff." she said. "I had been working about two or three hours when this car pulled up and said, would you like some help? I said really. You mean you would help me? She said yes! She bounced out of the car and started helping me." 

That was Katee Fuller, she just happened to be driving by and spotted Sally. 

"I saw her outside by herself scrubbing this fence by hand! I told her go in, I'll bring my guys over and we'll pressure wash the fence and we'll repaint it. She was like no, you don't have to do that, I said I want to," Fuller said. "I own a construction company, K & S Construction, so we brought the guys and power washed, and we replaced some panels, and we brought all the kids out and had a big family day of it." 

Bradley Anderson is just one of the guys on Katee's crew. 

"Well, I personally like doing this stuff a lot," Anderson said. "For Sally, I think it meant a lot to see everyone come out here and take their time out of their day and put forth the effort for her without asking for anything in return." 

Fuller also brought her son and his friends over to help out with the fence project. 

"We try very hard to teach our kids that giving back to the community and doing positive things for other people in need is the best route to take, so I felt like it was a good message for them. They loved it, they all had a blast they each got their own roller, they were all out here just a painting away," Fuller said. "I feel like these kids that are doing this graffiti in Caldwell and Nampa don't realize, that there might be people behind these fences that are incapable of fixing the damage that they are doing. Not everybody has the means or the physical capability to come out and fix all of this. You gotta think about it, it's not your property and you might be causing damage that you don't want to."

For Sally, all of the help meant the world to her.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," Sally said. "I would be happy to pay them, but they won't let me. I was very surprised and very happy, and I hope it doesn't happen to my fence again." 

If it does happen again, Fuller and her crew are ready! 

"Don't worry, we'll just keep fixing it, and maybe if we take a stand, it will stop," said Fuller. 

Fuller said she felt like seeing Sally on the side of the road struggling to remove the graffiti that day was just meant to be. 

"We both made friends that day, lifelong friends," Fuller said.

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