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7's HERO: Kuna High School football player's good deed goes viral on TikTok

Kelly Miller shared an emotional video describing what a young KHS football player did for her. She wanted to track him down. The video went viral on social media.

KUNA, Idaho — Did you see this touching video circulating on social media? Kelly Miller posted the video on TikTok about a Kuna High School football player who did a good deed, and it went viral!

"So I am literally crying right now. I'm sitting here having my coffee, and a young man walks up and asks if I want to have one of these ticket things that he's selling for his high school football team, and it's for restaurants and stuff like that. I told him I don't have any money until I get my check on the 3rd. If he could come back then I would buy two of of them," said Kelly Miller in her now viral video posted to TikTok. "He walks over and gives me the ticket and 80-dollars in cash and told me to go get groceries or anything that you need. I've been struggling so hard lately and this young man was a star in the sky!"

Miller was simply blown away by the Kuna High School football player's generosity. She wanted to find the boy to thank him properly. 

"It just flabbergasted me because you don't see kids do that these days," said Miller. "I put it on TikTok hoping that TikTok would do it's magic."

It did just that. Miller's video of what happened that day outside of her home racked up views, likes and comments on social media. 

"There are so many comments, this boy is awesome, he should be commended," Miller told KTVB. 

Everyone wanted to know who this kid was! Including the head football coach at Kuna High, Jeff Schank.

"My phone started blowing up like crazy," said Schank. "I was extremely proud. When I saw the video, I'll be honest, it almost brought me to tears. We were trying really hard to figure out who the kid was. I've got the administration on me, asking me who is this kid, who is this kid!" 

But, when the good deed was brought up at practice, none of the players came forward. It seemed this kid wanted to stay out of the spotlight. 

Miller was invited to the Kuna High Football game that weekend, as a special guest. Miller was hoping the boy would come find her in the stands at the game. 

"All I can think of is giving him a great big hug, and his parents, for raising such an exceptional young man," said Miller. "I didn't so much as get his name!"

Well, at the football game that Friday night, everyone found out who it was. 14-year-old Jamison Yannarella, a freshman player. He spotted Kelly in stands and went to greet her. 

"It's kind of crazy, I didn't expect it to blow up this much." said Yannarella. "It wasn't about me, and what we do, it's mainly about the deed. I went up in the stands and sat with her, hugged her, and we took a picture. It was really nice that she came out to the game. She was really thankful that I came up to see her, it was a cool experience. There are always people that have it harder than you do, and you need to remember that and help people out when you can, that's what my dad always taught me," said Yannarella.

Yannarella did not even tell his parents about his good deed. 

"He hid it from us as well," said Frank Yannarella, Jamison's proud dad. "His mom and I are so proud, super impressed."

So is Kuna High School. Jamison is certainly living up to the football team's gold standard. 

"I think in the world we live in, we could use a few more Jamisons," said Coach Jeff Schank. "People that do the right thing just to do the right thing." 

Kelly Miller is hoping this story inspires others to give back, too. 

"I would love to have our young people see how contagious kindness is," said Miller. "People don't get a lot of happy and I thought this was a happy thing!" 

Jamison told us he was saving his cash for a new cell phone. That's how he was able to give so much money to Kelly. He didn't expect all this attention, and he is looking forward to slipping back under the radar, and just playing football. Little does he realize, he inspired the whole community.

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