Eleven-year-old Nielsen Glascock of Kuna is proof that you can turn your ideas into action at any age!

He wanted to do something to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

His idea to gather donations took off, and then he teamed up with a local company, to get what he collected to Texas!

Nielsen when he arrived at T-Mobile in Meridian this week.

“When we came in there's this line of people, my mom said these people are here for you, and I just looked at her like what? So I was so surprised,” said Nielsen.

But before we get to all the hoopla, we want to tell you what Nielsen did to get here.

“My class watches the news every day and they talk about Hurricane Harvey, and I see people trying to help, and I'm like - how do I help?” said Nielsen.

“He came home from school and said mom, ‘I want to help,’” said Jolyn Glacock, Nielsen’s mom.

“We put a video on Facebook.”

That Facebook video call for donations took off!

“Within the first 24 hours we had a thousand views, I had people hitting me up left and right saying hey, I'll donate, I'll donate!” said Jolyn.

“We would have to go to people's houses and go to other houses and pick up stuff and people would come to our house and donate stuff,” said Nielsen.

Then the question - how to get all this stuff to Texas? That's where T-Mobile comes in.

“T-Mobile has a truck and they are going to send it to Texas, so that's where I thought we should go bring it,” said Nielsen.

The employees were more than ready for Nielsen when he arrived with boxes and boxes of donations of personal hygiene items.

“Hey buddy, nice job buddy.”

“Thanks for being an example and our super hero!”

His mom couldn't be more proud.

“I'm unbelievably proud, I woke up this morning knowing this was going to happen and my heart has been full with knowing how many people he's helping today, like it's outrageously awesome,” said Jolyn. “They have no soap, they have no shampoo, there are babies without diapers, and it's just going to help anyone that needs it in Texas.”

“Honestly I just wanted to help, I have no family members, I don't know anyone there, I just wanted to help,” said Nielsen. “And I'm happy that I know there are going to be people who have this stuff and that are going to be safe.”

At just 11 years old - this kid is making a big difference.

“He's always had a big heart to want to help people,” said Jolyn.

Nielsen Glascock – this week’s Seven's Hero.

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