NAMPA - Kipp Roberts was born in April of 2017 at St. Luke's Hospital - A beautiful little boy, and so

loved by his family.

Sadly, nine weeks after he was born, Kipp passed due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS.

Kipp's mom, Jana Roberts, is keeping his memory alive in a very special way.

"It's okay to not be okay, it's okay to share your story, it's ok to cry," Jana said. "It's okay to say our

babies' names."

Still in deep grief over the loss of her newborn son, Jana says it was all made worse by not knowing why it happened.

"The doctors... said there was nothing we could do, there was nothing I could do - that it was a case of

SIDS," she said. "There is just no answers. Before this, I never even knew anyone that had a child pass

away from SIDS."

HERO Kipps Kindness 2_1526256216176.JPG.jpg
Jana Roberts is honoring her son by starting a nonprofit in his name, and helping other parents by providing them with a special device that monitors their baby's vital signs. (Photo: Jana Roberts)

Jana was inconsolable, but she says she had to do something to honor her baby boy.

"Just being a mom that has fire in her heart, that doesn't want anyone else to experience this," Jana said. "What are you going to do to honor Kipp, you can't let his name go down unknown. You have to change this."

She started Kipp's Kindness, a nonprofit to raise awareness of SIDS, and to help other families by

providing them with Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitors for their newborns.

The device doesn't prevent SIDS, but it alerts parents if something is wrong by monitoring the child's

oxygen levels and tracking their heart rate.

The Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor alerts parents if something is wrong by monitoring the child's heart rate and oxygen levels. (Photo:
The Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor alerts parents if something is wrong by monitoring the child's heart rate and oxygen levels. (Photo:

Jana contacted Owlet for help in getting these monitors to families. The company was more than happy to pitch in.

"They immediately reached back out and said we will match you, however many monitors you purchase, we'll match you one to one," Jana said.

She started telling her story on social media, and she was amazed at the response.

"When I shared this story, I had so many moms reach out to me and say 'I haven't been able to speak about this, because I'm ashamed, or I got ashamed, people thought that I did something to my child,'" Jana said. "There is so much shame in going into this because nobody knows. Nobody talks about SIDS."

Donations started to roll in, and so far they have given out nearly 100 Owlet monitors.

"I was excited when we were able to mail out four, and to think that we are at 98 and that he's touched 98 lives is just, it's incredible," Jana said.

There are no qualifications for getting on the list. Jana says her goal is to get as many out to parents

who need or want them for peace of mind.

Kipps Kindness is already making a difference.

"I had a mom the other day, her Owlet monitor had a red alert, which meant her daughter was not breathing and she walked in and she saved her daughter, because the owlet monitor went off," Jana said. "And so it's things like that, that's seeing Kipp in little moments, say 'hey, I'm here mom, I'm helping somebody else.'"

"To help them, it helps me," she added.

To learn more about Kipps Kindess and the Owlet monitor program, check out the nonprofit's website or

Facebook page.