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High School students to hold annual 'senior prom'

A group of juniors and seniors at Timberline High School are trying to make a difference in their community by connecting with all generations, even hosting a 'senior prom'

A group of juniors and seniors at Timberline High School are trying to make a difference in their community.

These students, members of the ‘Wolf Connection,’ are busy building relationships with all generations in the community.

One day, you'll find them in an elementary school. The next day, you may just see them at a retirement home.

We caught up with them at ‘The Terraces of Boise,’ a continuing care community. The residents there were happy to have the students over for a technology tutorial. It was all about using iPads, iPhones and social media apps.

“We came down to have the computer looked at by these kids from the local school,” 94-year-old World War II veteran Jack Folsom said. “It's very complicated.”

At The Terraces of Boise, a continuing care community, these Timberline High School students are the teachers.

“They are very helpful! They just zip through the computer like it's nothing,” Folsom added.

Folsom says it is important to stay connected with his three sons. Technology helps him do that.

“We have three sons who are in various places in the country.

Debbi Evans of ‘The Terraces of Boise’ says the residents are enjoying every minute with these students.

“I think it means the world [to the residents]. They get to have a personal relationship with the teenagers that live in the community and they get to get on top of technology. They can communicate on email, Facebook, some are on twitter, some are on Instagram, and they are just learning how to use it they are having a really good time.”

The students say they are enjoying it as much as the residents.

“At first I didn't think I'd be good enough with technology,” said senior Brooke Foster. “But now coming here, it's so refreshing to teach a new generation. It's more than just teaching technology, it's connecting and it's been really nice.”

Kelly Gonser, a teacher at Timberline, leads the Wolf Connection program.

“They go to about a dozen different retirement communities throughout the Treasure Valley. One of the things I try to do in the program is put them with lots of different generations so they are lunch buddy mentors to elementary 4th graders, they go do that a couple times a month and then they go to the other end of the spectrum with seniors.”

After three months of getting to know these seniors, the students have planned and will host a Senior Citizen Prom, a night to dress up, dance and celebrate.

“We usually have about 100 senior citizens that will attend along with our 32 leadership kids,” Gosner Said.

“It's really awesome,” student Ryan Uria said. “I mean, it's cool to think that you are making an impact on people who have done such good things in the world.”

This year's Senior Citizen Prom is Monday, March 6th at Eastwind Community Church. Spots are still available for any seniors who want to dress up for a night of free fun, great food and dancing.

To RSVP, contact Kelly Gonser by calling 854-6269 or email at kelly.gonser@boiseschools.org.