BOISE - Until last week, Bowen Toomey had never met another person just like him - someone born without arms and legs. That all changed when he got to meet internationally-renowned inspirational speaker Nick Vujicic.

It was a rare opportunity that meant everything to his proud parents.

When we featured Bowen and his parents as Seven's Heroes back in 2014, We learned how he came to be adopted from a Serbian orphanage, and has since thrived.

Now an active 8-year-old, Bowen loves playing with his brothers, jumping on the trampoline, swimming, and going skiing. He doesn't let his differences don't hold him back.

"We've always raised him like we do our other boys, and we don't put limits on him," said Devon Toomey, Bowen's mom.

A few weeks ago, Devon heard that inspirational speaker Nick Vujicic was coming to Nampa. Like Bowen, Nick was also born without arms and legs.

"I said a prayer to the Lord," Devon explained. "I said 'Lord if you want Nick and Bowen to meet, I pray that it's your will be done and you make it happen. And within an hour of saying that prayer, I got a text."

Her pastor set up a meeting, answering Devon's prayers.

It wouldn't be the first time Bowen's parents had met Nick.

"Seven years ago in Omaha right before we were leaving to adopt Bowen, we met Nick because he was speaking there," Devon said. "My husband had brought pictures of Bowen. He was so moved by it."

Seven years later, Bowen would get the chance to meet him. He even got an all access pass to the event at the Ford Idaho Center.

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"Bowen saw Nick come around the corner in his wheelchair and Bowen just lit up," Devon said. "He was so excited, It was that moment where you see so much joy in your child's eyes."

"Bowen couldn't even talk because he was in awe," she said. "He was just looking at every part of Nick, because he had never seen someone like himself. Nick is known for his hugs and he just said 'Bowen, give me a hug' and they just brought their wheelchairs together."

It was an incredible moment for this little boy.

"It was really special," Devon said. "For him to see that there are other people like him and that that person is talking and making these amazing speeches. It was just really moving that Bowen got to experience that."

Just like Nick, Bowen Toomey is something special. His story has the power to make a difference.

"He's just so joyful and he has this way of making people happy," Devon said. "And I think God is going to use him that way."