BOISE — Look for Boise's own Sarah Patterson on a screen near you. This young woman is on a mission - to break into acting, to write a book, and to spread awareness about people with disabilities.

Throughout her life, Sarah has been a role model for people with special needs. She has worked two jobs for the last 12 years, and has become a well known face at a Southeast Boise Starbucks.

"I do everything for them like greeting customers," she said. "And most importantly about my customers, they all love me. Every time I serve them their coffee, they put on a big old smile and that's what I care about."

She also works as a cook at Timberline High School. And she even competed in the Miss Amazing program, a pageant for girls and young women with disabilities.

Not only did she compete, but Sarah won the state competition and qualified for the national competition in Chicago, which she also won.

"We thought that experience would be really great for her," said her dad, Steve Patterson. "Honestly had no thought that she would win in a national competition, which she did."

Sarah's dreams of pursuing an acting career were about to take off.

"We had really dismissed that as a childhood fantasy, she had been talking about it since she was a little girl," Steve said. "We had a friend say hey, there are auditions for the Casting Society of America for actors with disabilities."

Six months later, and the Pattersons have traveled to Hollywood and Salt Lake City as Sarah pursues her dream.

"She's got agents and she's done photo shoots and red carpet interviews," Steve said. "It's a testament to Sarah, because she has made it happen by sheer force of willpower, and her being Sarah."

Sarah isn't taking anything for granted, but is optimistic about her chances of stardom.

"We'll have to see what happens, but wishes really do come true," she said.

She has her own Facebook page for her fans.

"I can show them that anything is possible," she said. "I want the fans to know who they are and to be themselves."

Sarah is also working on a new book, titled "Inspired," due out on by Christmas.

"It's about me, my dreams and goals in my life," she explained.

It's also about raising awareness for the need for more inclusion in Hollywood. Actors like Sarah need and want to be seen.

"She is changing people's perceptions," said her mom, Lisa. "And she is helping other people in her community say 'hey, I want to get a job, I want to live my dream.'"

Sarah says what's most important to her is to be an advocate for the special needs community.

"Just to spread the message for all the people with disabilities to follow one of their dreams," she said. "My favorite words of wisdom - have courage and be kind."