BOISE - A new club in Boise is dedicated to working with people in the community to make a difference for local charities, and you're invited to join.

Impact Club Boise started up in May, and raises money through crowd-sourcing.

"There is so much need in this community," said Mike Turner, co-founder of Impact Club Boise. "A lot of times we don't know it until we find ourselves sitting in front of them and hearing their stories.

"These charities who are desperate to get their message out to more people," Turner added. "We're just giving them new ways to do that."

Here's how it works: Each member donates $100 dollars at four events per year. Each event only lasts an hour.

"That $100 with 150 members turns into a $15,000 impact," said Turner. "Every member has a chance to nominate up to three charities, and we randomly pull."

Each charity then gets five minutes at the microphone to tell their story.

At a recent Impact Club event, Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue represented his Man Up Crusade movement, aimed at preventing domestic violence.

Another speaker, a graduate of Chrysalis, a nonprofit that works with women who are coming out of incarceration and addiction, shared her story on stage.

"I was an empty shell," she said "Chrysalis provided a safe and loving environment for me to become the woman I am today."

The third speaker of the night was Kenton Lee, the inventor of The Shoe That Grows.

"There are so many kids that have shoes that don't fit," Lee said. "We are committed to making 2000 pairs this year, and that's what your support would go towards tonight."

When the Impact Club's votes were tallied, Chrysalis was awarded the $15,000 check.

Turner says this is only the beginning.

"Over the next couple years, we have the opportunity to give out hundreds of thousands of dollars," he said.

Impact Club Boise shows there is power in numbers, and the goal is to keep growing.

If $100 dollars, four times a year is too much to commit to by yourself, you can partner with other people and split the donation.

You are welcome to come to an event as a guest and check it out. For more information on the next Impact Club Boise event, or how to become a member, click here.