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7's HERO: Softball game for kids with special needs in Kuna is a big hit

The Kuna Club softball team organized a game for the special needs community called Softball & Snow Cones. Their dream is to create a special league in the future.

KUNA, Idaho — There was a very special softball game in Kuna recently. It's a game for the special needs community, and everyone is welcome. It was put together by the Kuna Club Softball team. Team Coach Dionne quick told us this was the second event like this that they have organized.  

"We hosted an inclusive softball game where we brought the community together with typical people and people with special needs. We saw a need within the special needs community that is being overlooked, so we thought this would be a great way to give back," said Dionne Quick, coach of Kuna Club Softball.

Gavyn Toothman was just one of the Kuna teenagers there enjoying the day. He has Down syndrome, and loved every minute of playing in the game. 

"My favorite part is hitting the ball. I keep my eyes on the ball," said Gavyn. "And getting outs! Yeah!"

Gavyn's mom Brittney said she loves to watch him play.

"We always like going out and supporting Gavyn when he plays," said Brittney. "He has always been someone that steals the show. I mean he just loves playing softball and being around others that enjoy playing it too." 

It's all about inclusion. Teen girls Kylie Watson and Cassandra Burchia are two of the Kuna Club players who helped organize this special day. 

"We're hosting a special needs game for people with unique abilities to show that softball is for everyone," said 14-year-old Kylie Watson.

"It feels really good just to know that we can help all people experience what makes all of us happy, and it's so rewarding. They have such pure hearts, it's so awesome to see their smiles and to have fun doing what we do," said 14-year-old Cassandra Burchia. 

Coach Quick was so proud of her players.  

"Every single one of our girls wanted to do this. They hosted this all on their own, they came up with the games, they wanted to do the snow cones, and they love it so much. I think it brings so much joy to both our participants and our players, it's so good to see them smiling, out playing, and having a great time," Quick told us. "It's just a great experience for everyone I think!" 

Kuna Club Softball got the word out in town with flyers and on social media. The day was a huge success! 

Coach Quick has big goals and dreams for the future. 

"My hope would be to have a league for people with special needs. But, not just for them, I want it to be inclusive." said Quick. "I would love it for other teams to jump on board too, maybe Meridian and other towns so we could play against each other!" 

A special league would be a dream come true! For now, Coach Quick said more games like this are definitely in the future for Kuna.     

"We can't wait for the next one!" Quick said.

For people interested in being notified of the next Softball and Snow Cones game call or text (503)319-5145 to be added to the email list.

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