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7's Hero: Nampa military dad surprises his kids at school with a surprise Christmas homecoming

Air Force Tech Sergeant David Eash surprised his three kids while they were all in school, and the family invited KTVB along to capture the joyful reunion.

NAMPA, Idaho — Air Force Tech Sergeant David Eash and his wife Heidi stood outside Ridgevue High School filled with excitement and anticipation. Tech Sergeant Eash has been overseas serving our country for seven months, and he just arrived home on leave to spend Christmas with his family in Nampa. His three kids have no idea that he would be back for the holidays and KTVB was there for the surprise.

“I have three kids, Natalie she's 14, a freshman at Ridgeview, and then I have a son that's 11, and a daughter who is 7,” David said.

The Eash kids are used to their dad being away, but it never gets easier. There are a lot of challenges that come along with a deployed parent, like missed birthdays, school functions, sports. This is David’s ninth deployment.

“It can be challenging, very, very challenging,” Heidi Eash, David's wife, said. “Military kids, they are strong and wonderful. Honestly, they give the most, they sacrifice a lot and they just roll with the punches.”

This Nampa couple is about to make a Christmas miracle come to life for their kids.

“The plan is to go in and surprise our oldest high schooler. We're going to surprise her first, and then the other two are both at an elementary school nearby, so we’ll go in and surprise them as well in the classroom,” Heidi said. “It's going to be cool, I think the kids are going to love it.”

First up, surprising daughter Natalee at Ridgevue High School. Her dad walked in her class, and when she saw him, she was overwhelmed with joy and brought to tears. She ran to him, and they hugged for a long time with her classmates watching.

“I'm just shocked and excited,” Natalee said. “This is going to be the best Christmas ever.”

Credit: KTVB
When 14-year-old Natalie saw her dad walked in her class, she was overwhelmed with joy and brought to tears

Next up, the family drove to Birch Elementary in Nampa to surprise Katie, 7 and Logan, 11. Katie was first, and she was so happy to see her dad walk into her classroom.

“I missed you, daddy,” Katie exclaimed. “I thought he wasn’t coming back for Christmas!”

Credit: KTVB
“I thought he wasn’t coming back for Christmas!” seven-year-old Katie shouted with joy when her father surprised her.

11-year-old Logan was in a classroom right down the hall. He was so focused on his work, he didn't even see his dad coming.

“At first I had no idea who it was, and then I saw,” Logan said with a big smile. He has some big plans for dad, already. “Fishing, probably some disc golf, some real golf, and skiing.”

Credit: KTVB
“At first I had no idea who it was, and then I saw,” said Logan with a big smile.

This family is simply overjoyed to be together, they say that's the true meaning of Christmas. It won’t be long until dad has to leave again, so they plan to enjoy every minute.

“So, I'll be home for a month, home for thirty days and then I gotta go back for a few more months,” David said.

Merry Christmas to the Eash family, and to their hero dad!

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