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7's Hero: Meridian woman pulls back the curtain on her grief, after becoming a widow at 40

Heather Quisel's husband died suddenly a few months ago. She decided to share her journey after his death on Facebook, which quickly went viral as the posts resonated with people across the country.

MERIDIAN, Idaho — Heather Quisel is a life and business coach. She makes a living by helping women "show up" and succeed in their lives, but a tragic loss changed her life forever.

Just over four months ago, this Meridian wife and mother's life took a heartbreaking that she never saw coming. Her husband died suddenly at the age of 41 while hunting in the Idaho mountains. 

"Some sort of electrical misfiring of his heart and he died very quickly," Quisel said. 

Quisel started dating her husband Larry when they were just teenagers. They moved to Boise when Larry earned a wrestling scholarship at Boise State. 

They got married and had three kids. It was a picture-perfect life until her husband passed away. 

"You know one of the first thoughts that goes through your head when you go through one of these things is how do I tell my kids?  As you can imagine, that was awful," she said. "We talk about him all the time. I don't know how else we'd do it."

Instead of keeping her intense grief private, she decided to be vulnerable and share what she was going through on her Facebook page.   

"I remember the first day I did a live video on Facebook. I remember I was shaking and you press that go live button, I didn't have a plan," she said. "I didn't know what was going to shake out, I just showed up. I just couldn't imagine not sharing what happened. I did not anticipate the magnitude of the response. That's been a huge surprise."  

Her raw and real posts quickly started going viral on social media. Thousands of people watching, reading and commenting on her story and their own experiences.

"I certainly never asked to be here and it's not anything I would have chosen but the truth is, I am here and this is what I have to deal with," she added. "I get a lot of encouragement, 'Hey we are with you girl,' 'We're praying for you,' 'You got this.' I also get a lot of messages comments, saying you're inspiring me." 

Speaking out about her experiences and sharing her struggles has opened new opportunities in her life to help others.

"If I have to be in this space and be without my husband but have the opportunity to inspire somebody to strengthen their marriage, to pour more love in the people around them, to just get out of bed when life is hard for a lot of people, I'm good with that. I'll take that role," Quisel said.

She now has thousands of fans on her Facebook page, and more joining her journey every day. She says she's not sure where this new life will take her. 

"Grief has taught me that it really doesn't care what my plans are. So I'd like to say I have a plan for where all this is going, but I don't.," Quisel said. "I've got a lot of life left, and I want it to be happy."

She says her husband Larry would want it that way. 

You can follow Quisel and her journey on Facebook.

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