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7's HERO: Caldwell 5-year-old sells paintings to raise money for the Idaho Humane Society

Elliot Phillips-Hallock loves animals. When she heard the Idaho Humane Society needed pet food donations, she decided to sell her artwork to buy supplies.

BOISE, Idaho — Elliot Phillips-Hallock is a five-year-old girl living in Caldwell with her mother, Alyssa Hallock. She loves animals of all shapes and sizes and recently took on an important project that helped the animals in a local shelter.

When Elliot heard the Idaho Humane Society (IHS) was low on dog and cat food, she came up with a big plan: she would sell her artwork to raise money for the shelter. 

“She loves animals," Hallock said. "It did not surprise me at all when she came up with this idea because she loves animals."

“I really wanted to paint, so I said I can make these paintings,” Elliot said.

Elliot worked very hard over a span of several days and completed over fifty paintings. Her mom then posted them on social media, along with a video plea from Elliot herself. 

“Flowers, animals, from flamingos to outer space, she did it all,” Hallock said. “I posted them to my personal Facebook page and friends and family really supported her.” 

To Elliot's delight, her paint sale raised over $900, all of which would be used to bring food to the cats and dogs at IHS.

“We went to Zamzows and Pet Smart to get all the food and toys and all of that,” Elliot said

In addition to the $900 Elliot made from selling her artwork, Zamzows donated a $100 gift card to the cause, which she used to buy more supplies for the shelter. 

“They were so generous, so supportive,” Hallock said of the local company. 

Thanks to her hard work and a donation from Zamzows, Elliot was able to drop off three wagons filled with food and supplies for the animals, which she said was the best part of the whole experience.

“They gave us a tour and we all got to see all of the animals,” Elliot said. “A lot of people there were very, very happy."

Elliot Phillips-Hallock proves you are never too young to do something big and inspiring.

“Oh my gosh, I am so proud of her, it just explodes in my heart,” Hallock said. “I'm also really proud of our community of friends and family, and even strangers, who have supported this little girl's dreams." 

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