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7’s Hero: Boise State basketball superfan inspires players and coaches

D.J. Campbell is an honorary part of the men’s basketball team. He's front and center at every game, inspiring everyone he meets. He even gives the team pep talks!

BOISE, Idaho — Have you seen D.J. Campbell at the Boise State Men's Basketball games this season? He's a true superfan! His love for the Broncos is unmatched, and his team spirit is contagious. 25-year-old D-J is more than just a big fan though, he's an honorary member of the team.

“Yeah, baby! I do that. I get my team all pumped up,” 25-year-old D.J. Campbell said.

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who loves the Boise State Broncos more. His family goes to every basketball game.

“Me, my dad, my sister, her friends, and my neighbors. Homes and aways,” he said.

He knows all the Boise State Basketball players, past and present.

“He's a historian here,” said Boise State men’s basketball coach Leon Rice.

Coach Leon Rice said D.J. is just the kind of guy you want to be around. 

“Just a huge fan and part of our team. He creates a vibe around here that I'm always trying to create with our guys and he just does a great job with it,” Rice said. 

D.J. has known Coach Rice for years. 

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“My son Brock and D.J. are best friends, and they’ve been best friends for a long time,” said Rice. 

Brock Rice and D.J. grew up together, they have both watched this basketball program grow. 

“He changes the way you see the world, right when he comes into your life, you’re happier,” Brock Rice explained. “He's one of my favorite people to spend time with. We get to experience this program together which is special.”

You'll find D.J. at every game, cheering on his Broncos.

“He's got a level of enthusiasm that's always appreciated by our guys,” Leon Rice said. 

For D.J., being a part of the team means he gets to celebrate the wins, behind the scenes too.

“There's no one better at celebrating than D.J., nothing better than a locker room after a win,” Coach Rice said. “He comes in and talks to the team afterwards and that's something the guys look forward to, and they love celebrating with him. It’s a big part of our program.”

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D.J. also gives the team the post-game pep talk.

“It's been an awesome experience, just bringing him into the locker room, and getting to see his energy translate to these players,” Brock Rice said. “It's so contagious.” 

He's also taken part in postgame news conferences with Coach Rice. D.J. just loves everything basketball. 

In the sea of Bronco fans, and in the locker room, D.J. is an inspiration to everyone.

“I think that is the story, just who he is as a Bronco, and what he brings to the table for these guys,” Brock Rice said. “It's why he's the best Bronco fan out there.”  

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