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7’s Hero: Nampa boy puts together Blessing Kits for the Treasure Valley’s homeless

Seven-year-old Cameron Tulloch uses his allowance to put much-needed supplies into bags for the homeless community. He says passing the kits out makes him happy.

BOISE, Idaho — Seven-year-old Cameron Tulloch may be just a second-grader at Owyhee Elementary, but he already has a huge heart for giving to those in need. His mom and dad, Jessica and Don Tulloch, say he’s been that way since he was a toddler.

“When we drive around and see someone in need, we usually try to give them some money or a coffee, or go through a drive-through and get them a sandwich or something,” Jessica said. “There was one day Cameron got very upset with us because we were in a hurry, and we didn't have time to go through the drive-through. He wanted a solution.”

Cameron came up with that solution. He uses his allowance to create what he calls “Blessing Kits”. He stuffs big ziplock bags filled with lots of supplies that those experiencing homelessness may need.

“We put in hand warmers, and we also put hats, socks, a water bottle,” Cameron said.

Cameron also includes a note with each kit.

“It says you matter, you are not forgotten, hope this blessing bag brightens your day,” he said. “I just really like to help the less fortunate and the homeless and the poor.”

Cameron says passing out these kits just makes him feel good.

“If it's a day when my heart is broken, when I hand these out, it's like all the pieces are put back together to make a full heart,” the boy explained. “I think it will also brighten their heart and probably makes their day full.”

Cameron passed out the kits to several people in our homeless community in downtown Boise. He shook their hands and said “God bless” to each one. He makes sure both his mom and dad’s cars are filled with them.

“Both cars are fully stocked with blessing kits so whenever we happen to come across someone that needs something we have it right at our fingertips,” Jessica said.

His mom and dad are so proud.

“More than I can say, more than words can express. I honestly don't have the words,” Don said. “He’s very caring very giving, very unselfish. He's an amazing kid.”

Credit: KTVB
Cameron says passing out these kits just makes him feel good.

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