BOISE -- KTVB and Idaho Power kicked off a partnership to encourage attentive driving with the Just Drive Challenge in August of 2014.

Now, KTVB in partnership with Idaho Power, Idaho State Police and the Idaho Transportation Department want to take it a step further challenging CEO's across Idaho to take the pledge on behalf of their companies.

CEO's wishing to sign up to take the pledge will need to fill out the form.

Submit your name and email, then choose 'Just Drive CEO Challenge' from the drop down menu.

KTVB will then contact you for permission to list your company as a CEO Challenge partner on the Just Drive page at KTVB.COM. KTVB will mention new pledges on the News at 4 p.m. seen Monday through Friday on KTVB.


KTVB President and General Manager Doug Armstrong says we need our community and local companies to come together to make a difference.

"It's great to have Franklin Building Supply, Idaho Power, Idaho Transportation Department and the KTVB News Group but frankly we need everyone to do their part. Everybody needs to do a little bit and so Darrel Andersen and I and Franklin Building Suppy and others, we are starting a CEO challenge and we are going to reach out to all the CEOs and all the companies in the state to have them step up and join this cause and make their fleet and their vehicles distracted driving free."

The Idaho Transportation Department Office of Highway Safety reports that 22 percent of all fatal crashes and 28 percent of serious injury crashes can now be attributed to distracted driving.

In response to the increasing danger of distracted driving, Idaho Power implemented a company-wide no-phone policy for its drivers. KTVB joined the cause, with a new distracted-driving policy in 2014 that includes mandatory no-phone compliance while driving on company business.

"For years our news department has covered the severe consequences of texting or talking on the phone without a hands free device," notes KTVB News Director Kate Morris. "In launching Just Drive, we hope to increase awareness and challenge viewers to take the pledge not to text and drive."

We encourage you to join us, take the pledge and make the commitment to drive phone-free starting today.