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7Cares Idaho Shares: The Salvation Army is very busy during the holiday season

This is an exciting time of year for The Salvation. They provide vital resources for those in need.

BOISE — We are just one day away from 7Cares Idaho Shares - our annual day of giving to benefit charities helping the hungry and homeless in southwest and south-central Idaho.

The Salvation Army is one of those charities that is making a difference.

"We are giving away toys, we are always giving away coats, and of course, we are helping people with food, and we also help with Project Share - we provide utility assistance for folks," said Major Robert Lloyd with the Treasure Valley Salvation Army.

For The Salvation Army, the holiday season is an exciting and busy time, they provide vital resources for Idahoans in need.

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"Every year The Salvation Army helps a little over 30,000 people throughout the Treasure Valley, and a lot of what we do is help people with nutrition needs," said Lloyd.

Lloyd says to provide those essential nutrition needs, they host a food pantry to make sure families facing difficult times have enough food. That pantry is powered by generous donations. And a huge day for that comes every December with 7Cares, Idaho Shares.

"We are one of the recipients of a lot of food and we get a lot of cash donations that help us out during this difficult time of year," said Lloyd.

"The food donations help at our client choice food pantry. We have volunteers that come in and sort everything and then we have families that come in with a shopping cart, and they shop for the foods that are appropriate for their family and sometimes help with their allergy needs."

Every year Idahoans jump into action to help people in need, but many wonder the same thing. What are the best food items to donate?

"The number one thing we always need when people bring us food donations is protein type foods, a lot of peanut butter, macaroni and cheese is a great thing too. Families are really stressed and it's really helpful for families to have food that they can prepare pretty quickly and pretty easily," said Lloyd.

Cash donations are also welcomed by The Salvation Army, with that Major Lloyd says they can buy what is needed most.

No matter what the donation though, Lloyd says your donation during 7Cares, Idaho Shares is greatly appreciated.

"It's almost like a parade with everybody coming in with their vehicles full of food and kids coming in and wanting to donate money, it feels like a community parade to me, so I just look forward to it every year."