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7Cares Idaho Shares: Idaho Foodbank helps keep food on the table

Donations from across Idaho help keep the Idaho Foodbank supplied with essential resources for families in need.

Every year thousands of Idahoans give during 7Cares Idaho Shares, and charities around the Treasure and Magic valleys couldn't be more thankful.

This week leading up to 7Cares, KTVB is helping to show the impact that the community’s generous donations have.

One place your donations go is the Idaho Foodbank.

Rose Hranac was put in a very tough position after being diagnosed with leukemia. It was tough to admit, but Rose realized she really needed help.

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"My job was nursing, and I was one of these that when leukemia comes, the white cells drops, everything drops. I was at a high risk of catching any kind of disease or infection that came through the hospital, so I had to give up my job," said Hranac.

Hranac says making ends meet became very difficult.

"Yeah it's hard every month, especially in the winter months when you have the electric bill, the gas bill, it goes up, yeah it's very difficult," said Hranac.

She tried hard, but without being able to work, Hranac and her family soon found themselves without enough to afford food.

"I ended up coming to the Foodbank, different ones here in Boise, and receiving food," Hranac.

It was here at the Idaho Foodbank where Hranac was able to find not only help, but also hope.

"The first day I got food, I went home by myself and cried. Because of how nice it was to see people give food out," said Hranac.

For more than 30 years the Idaho Foodbank has helped feed families in need across Idaho. The hard truth is that right now there are thousands of people in need.

Idaho Foodbank President, CEO Karen Vauk explains that the communities support during 7 Cares Idaho Shares helps make a huge difference.

"Right now, we have about 220,00 people that are in need across our state. We are also seeing that number rise, and that is a little bit concerning," said Vauk. "We see it every year in the 7 Cares event, it's that reminder that visible reminder that people care about their friends and neighbors and they want to be part of helping."

And your donation to 7 Cares goes a long way.

"We are able through our efficiencies to use every dollar to provide enough food for up to 5 meals," said Vauk.

Hranac and her family still work hard to make ends meet, but they still make time to volunteer at a local food pantry to help pay forward the support they've had over the years.

"We have been working with that foodbank for three years now. What's that experience been like? Fantastic," said Hranac.