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7Cares Idaho Shares: Boise Rescue Mission program helps veterans in need

Donations from across Idaho help keep programs at the Boise Rescue Mission up and running for Idahoans in need.

BOISE — One of the programs that benefits from 7Cares Idaho Shares is the Boise Rescue Mission's Veterans Ministry Program hosted at the River of Life men's shelter.

After serving his country in the Marines, Andrew Ojeda returned to Boise but fell on tough times. He realized he needed help but had nowhere to turn.

"If this place wasn't available, to be honest, I probably would be homeless, probably out on the streets still struggling, battling addiction. For me it's alcohol that is a big one," said Ojeda.

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With some good luck though, Ojeda found out about the Boise Rescue Mission's Veterans Ministry Program. There he found the resources to start putting his life back together.

"The veterans ministry program provided me a safe environment to get back on my feet and also find that balance back in life so that I can get back to getting a career and living life to the fullest," said Ojeda.

Like other veterans in the program, Ojeda works through tailored courses to learn new skills to overcome homelessness and addiction.

"They provided that safe environment here and gave a roof over my head and offered me a place to sleep and gave me the opportunity to seek a better life," said Ojeda.

Your donation to 7 Cares Idaho Shares helps ensure that veterans in need have a place to go, and resources available to help them get back on their feet.

For that, these veterans are forever grateful.

"It's a struggle coming back home and sometimes feeling like there is no one out there for you, and to see communities rally as they have been, it's an honor to see that there are people out there that have love for us," said Ojeda.