STRAY 9 in our 12 Stray of Christmas come as a pair. The gorgeous Athena (brown/white) and her shy bestie, Shadow (black/gray), both one-year-old female guinea pigs who've been surrendered together. Athena and Shadow are great with kids and both can be handheld.

These little herbivores will require a nice balance of pellets, hay, and fresh vegetables. Commercial treats are also available that aren’t too sweet, but could be an enjoyable snack. Guinea pigs are among the 200-plus small animals the Idaho Humane Society finds homes for annually. Guinea pigs usually live between 4 to 8 years and make wonderful pets for (supervised) elementary-school-age children and older youngsters.

You can meet Athena (#37414031) and Shadow (#37414042) in the Small Animal Room at The Idaho Humane Society Dorman Street shelter. We’re open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. through Friday. We’ll close early Sunday, Christmas Eve, and be closed Monday, Christmas Day.