Stray #7 from our 12 Strays of Christmas is Walt. A little under 2 years old, Walt is a soft, tender and affectionate boy. He welcomes everyone by moving in as close as possible, tucking his head in, and hoping for a hug, a friendly pet, just some kind attention. It’s easy to love Walt, and he’ll make the perfect snuggly companion but he’s looking for just the right caretaker or family

Walt is presumed to have had a neurological injury affecting the side of his head, resulting in muscle loss, blindness in his left eye and possible deafness or hearing impairment. He’s also had an old injury affecting his hip, which may result in arthritis later in his life.

Transferred from an area in Texas where heartworm was endemic, Walt has luckily tested negative. But he should be retested again and will likely need a preventative medication for life. The Idaho Humane Society Veterinary medical clinic can provide more information.

Walt would agree that none of that will prevent him from being a perfect, gentle companion who will benefit from a healthy diet to build muscle, good exercise, a little playtime to encourage his mixed-retriever instincts, nice walks – and someone who will not leave him unattended in the backyard all day. He’s already mastered walking on the leash, his “sit!” and “come!” commands, as well as his ample ability to be a loyal, loving friend.

Come give Walt (37287636) a hug at the Idaho Humane Society, 4775 Dorman Street. Open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days a week.