Say Howdy and Happy Holidays to Isaac! Stray #12 is a black Labrador Retriever transferred from Gooding, Idaho who would love to get away from the somewhat chaotic shelter atmosphere and relax in a new forever home where a regular routine, good food, and daily exercise are priorities. He appears to do just fine on a leash and might even make a good running companion.

Isaac would also appreciate an obedience course, so he can show off his instinctual Labrador talents and learn basic commands. Naturally intelligent, most Labs tend to be gentle, family-oriented dogs who delight in outdoor activities. Isaac could certainly grow into that “best buddy” with the right kindness and dedication from his new human companion/s.

Come meet Isaac (37367182) our last Stray of 2017 at the Idaho Humane Society, 4775 Dorman Street. We'll be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. today and tomorrow, but we'll close early Sunday for Christmas Eve, and be closed Monday on Christmas Day.