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12 Strays of Christmas 2018

KTVB will feature a different pet each weekday between Dec. 7 and Dec. 24 on the News at Noon.
Credit: KTVB

For two weeks in December KTVB will be featuring the 12 Strays of Christmas – pets that need a new home.

Monday through Friday, starting Dec. 7 and running until Dec. 24, the Idaho Humane Society will bring a dog or cat on the News at Noon.

If you would like more information about the pet featured on the show, you can contact the Idaho Humane Society at 208-342-3508.

Below is a video profile of each pet we are showcasing during 12 Strays of Christmas. Here’s hoping each one finds a new home!

STRAY 1 - Nikki is losing her hearing and should go to a home with no other pets

Stray 2 - Chanel and Louie - The pair of 9-year-old lab mixes should be adopted together and go to a home with no cats. They both enjoy going for walks. These older dogs are very sweet.

Stray 3 - These two rats, Bex and Carter, are in need of a new home. They are 1-year-old and are used to being held.

Stray 4 - Pomeranian mix named Daddy. He is 5 year-old and recently came to the Idaho Humane Society from a hoarding situation. He needs a good home with lots of structure.

Stray 5 - A shy cat named Tootie. The Idaho Humane Society says she was picked on by other cats in her last home. It would be best if she was her new owner's only pet.

Stray 6 - Meredith is a 5-month-old cat that is available for adoption right now.

STRAY 7 - Tia is one-year-old a Lionshead rabbit that loves to munch on hay and has a sister that is up for adoption too.

Stray 8 - Mickey is a 5-year-old Chihuahua that enjoys having his ears scratched.

Stray 9 - Mikey is a 3-year-old pug-beagle mix with a sweet personality.

Stray 10 - Chalupa is a 5-year-old male that is a lap cat.

Stray 11 - Keppa is a 3-year-old Chihuahua mix.

Stray 12 - Meet Biggie, a Chihuahua that came to Idaho from Texas