BOISE - Saturday night's horrific mass stabbing shook people throughout our community, and many searching for a way to help the victims and their families.

Organizations and businesses across the Treasure Valley are stepping up to pitch in.

All fundraising efforts are funneling through the International Rescue Committee - as the IRC has been on the ground helping these families since Saturday. They've had more than 3,000 donors from as far away as Japan.

They say they're carefully monitoring funds and applying them only to what they've asked for: Helping the injured, their families, those living in the complex, and IRC staff serving them. Donations are going toward immediate and long-term needs...

"Covering bills and day-to-day life expenses now that employment has been disrupted, so that is easy we can take care of that immediately. the longer term health supports is a little bit less clear," Julianne Donnelly Tzul, executive director of the International Rescue Committee, said. "Healing from this intense of an episode isn't going to be a one-time service, it's going to be repeated service with someone who is trusted over quite some time."

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Several Treasure Valley Fraternal Order of Police members responded to the scene Saturday night. In partnership with MaxGving and Big City Coffee - the local FOP is raising money for the victims and their families.

They set up "dip jars" on the counter at Big City in Boise, where you can scan your card. They're also donating $500 dollars and challenging other lodges and first responder organizations to pitch in, too.

"We're as struck by this and grief-stricken as everybody else," Jake Mulkey of the Fraternal Order of Police said. "We feel like we can do more and we want to do more to help out the victims in this tragedy."

You can also donate here.