Our military members and their families sacrifice a lot for their country. In Idaho, there’s one organization looking to give back to them in the form of education, networking and potential jobs. Mission 43 is in partnership with the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation and is aimed at helping military members and their spouses transition back into civilian life.

“Really there's nothing else like this that exists in our country,” Bryan Madden with Mission 43 said.

Mission 43 looks to help military members and their spouses from education, to employment, to even just networking.

“Making sure they have education opportunities and employment opportunities,” Madden said.

One of the ways the program is helping veterans is through the venture college, which helped Matty Bishop, the owner of Café Mule, gain some of the skills he needed to help his business grow.

“I think veterans are really geared towards being actionable and doing things and being really hands on, and so I think they've done a good job between Mission 43 and the venture college at Boise State at producing a course that allows veterans to just go out and take action,” Bishop said.

A class that helps Bishop, a former marine, connect with other service members with similar goals.

“It's great to just be in the presence of other veterans who are in the business community or want to start businesses, that's kinda a rare group of people to be around and that's great that they facilitate that at Mission 43,” Bishop said.

Mission 43 also provides a social outlet, 43INC, which allows veterans to network with one another.

“People have gotten jobs out of that; we bring in business leaders to these things and they really get to see this isn't a group, they're not victims, they just need a hand up to succeed when they get out,” Madden said.

All in an effort to help veterans, like Bishop, transition back into civilian life.

“I think there's a lot of moral support that comes out of Mission 43's networking events and seeing other veterans who own businesses and are kind of in the same position that you are,” Bishop said.

More information, including how to get involved with Mission 43, can be found here.