People wanting to hop on Bogus Basin's new mountain coaster are going to have to wait a little bit longer.

This is the second time the completion date has been pushed back. The coaster was supposed to open this month, but staff at Bogus Basin tell us November now looks more likely.

There has been a lot of progress made on getting the mountain coaster ready for riders. The project is about 90 percent done. All that’s left is to finish the area where people will load and unload.

But it could take a while for that last 10 percent. The hope, according to director of mountain operations Nate Shake, is possibly by Thanksgiving week.

Meanwhile, within the last week, Bogus Basin received their shipment of 40 carts that people will use to ride the mountain coaster.

Shake says they'll be able to do about 2,000 rides a day.

Each cart also has a built-in radio that allows it to talk with other carts on the track to ensure nobody hits each other.

"The carts can control their speed if they get to close to one another,” said Shake. “Other than that the rider is in control of how fast or how slow they go. So it's an interactive ride unlike some roller coasters where you get on and you don't have any control, you do have some control over the speed of these carts."

The mountain coaster will be operational year around, even when there is snow on the ground.

It will run on weekends and holidays through the winter. The track will also be lit, which allows it to run during the night.

Once complete, the recreation area will do several tests runs before allowing anyone to get on.

As for the delay, Shake says the construction industry in the valley is really busy and scheduling has been tough and tight to get the mountain coaster finished.