Some ski facilities are struggling right now because of the lack of snow, forcing some to scale back operations, Gateway Parks at Eagle Island has plenty of snow.

"We've been able to make around a 20 foot average depth here at our park," owner Ryan Neptune said. "We have so much snow that it's going to last all the way into March."

While tubing draws most people to the park, Neptune said more skiers and snowboarders have been checking out their terrain park.

"With the ski areas not having snow we've got a lot more skiers and snowboarders showing up," he said. "We've grown somewhere about five times the amount of traffic."

This week they are expanding the terrain park to make room for more jumps and rails.

"We have eight features right now and we're going to be expanding that to another five," Neptune said.

But how is it Gateway can expand at the same time other ski facilities are scaling back or shutting down? Neptune said it's the inversion.

"I think here at Gateway we're the only ones that look forward to inversions for sure," he said. "We've been able to make snow 24 hours a day over the last few weeks because of the fact it was so cold both day and night here in Boise. Where as up in the mountains it wasn't the same situation and they're losing snow and we're gaining it every night."

Gateway Parks is open 7 days a week.