BOISE — Downtown businesses came together Thursday to support refugee families affected by the horrific mass stabbing at a Boise apartment complex nearly two weeks ago.

More than a dozen restaurants and bars teamed up with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) for a Night of Giving, highlighting in the wake of this tragedy, there is good emerging.

People and businesses across our community have shown day after day they want to help lift these victims and their families up. Thursday night was a shining example of that, with some of Boise's favorite joints collaborating. Organizers say 16 restaurants, eateries and shops took part; most are along a stretch on 8th Street.

They all committed to donating a portion of their sales to the IRC and the refugee families in need.

"We are hoping to be able to ease their burden in that way a little bit so they can heal," Juniper co-owner Shannon Lincoln said. "Just kind of reaching out and showing the families we were thinking about them and supporting them and we really wanted to make sure they understood that."

"We are a business but we are parents first and that's the same with all these storefronts. There is a family behind each business and we're just people and we're very connected to the community and connected to each other... So this is the way we have to make a difference. This is what we have, everyone has a way. This is kind of the voice that we have so we really wanted to use it," Lincoln added.

Each location is helping raise money to boost the IRC as they provide critical support to the victims, including short term and long term needs, finding and paying for temporary housing and providing travel logistics for those who need medical care out of state.

On June 30, a man wreaked havoc on a Boise apartment complex where a little girl was celebrating her birthday. Timmy Earl Kinner is accused of senselessly stabbing nine people, ultimately killing three-year-old Ruya Kadir at the Wylie Street Station Apartments that night.

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The attack shook the refugee community and the entire Treasure Valley, sending tremors of horror and fear.

"It was just a matter of making a statement that I think the whole community was so rocked by this story and there's so many horrible things going on in the world but when it hits your community it's just really hard to deal with. And it was keeping me up at night. So I think just making a statement that there are so many people in the community that are standing with them and want them to be supported and feel safe," Lincoln said.

"It's the right thing to do. People were attacked in a way I can't even comprehend and made to feel unwelcome and put through something horrifying. And... I hope most people are inherently good and can recognize that's not a good thing. So why can't we make people feel welcome and let them know we're here for them and be good neighbors?" The Matador general manager Brian Livesay told KTVB.

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The IRC has been on the ground providing services and support to those impacted. Donations are funneling through the organization, and they say they're managing all the money very closely and making sure it's going toward the needs the families have at this time and in the future.

Donations will also support IRC's work in Boise as they provide counseling and other services to the refugee community shaken by this incident.

"Choosing love over hate: that resonates a lot with me. So this is a chance to get people together. And what is more communal than having a meal and drink together and gathering and being part of a family here and saying, yep, this is what we choose, we choose community and the positive aspects we choose to embrace," Livesay said.

Here is a list of most of the restaurants and shops that took part in the Night of Giving:

Juniper, Prost, Red Feather, Donut Daze, The Mode, Eureka, The Matador, Bittercreek Alehouse, The Chocolat Bar, City Peanut Shop, Pie Hole, Àlavita, Fork and The Funky Taco.