MIDDLETON -- New information is coming to light around allegations of misconduct by two Middleton Police officers.

KTVB has been following this story for the last couple of weeks. On Thursday, we received records involving the Idaho State Police criminal investigation into the claims, as well as the Owyhee County Prosecuting Attorney's independent review of the investigation.

KTVB also spoke with Middleton Mayor Darin Taylor, who says these accusations are "part of a bigger scheme."

According to a Notice of Tort Claim that the city received on July 6, the couple making the accusations are Middleton residents Jessica and Kevin Tobias.

"There's a lot more to this story," Mayor Taylor told KTVB. "I believe there's a bigger picture with money as its root."

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It all began in January of this year.

"The misses was voluntarily and consensually involved with one of Middleton's police officers starting at the end of January 2016," Taylor added.

Both the woman, Jessica Tobias, and Middleton Police Sgt. Steve Walker admitted to having an emotional relationship that later became sexual.

According to the Idaho State Police report, Jessica and her husband, Kevin, had a fight on January 21 where Kevin supposedly hit her in the back of the head. The next day, he was arrested for domestic battery.

Jessica admitted to texting two officers - both Officer Walker and Officer Robert Knightlinger - and inviting both of them over separately while her husband was in jail.

"Every one of us can be enticed and tempted and sometimes entrapped. And I believe that these two officers right now are thinking, 'What did I get myself into?' " Taylor said.

Interviews from the ISP investigation show Sgt. Walker cut off his relationship with Jessica after a little while.

Mayor Taylor says she filed for divorce from Kevin in February. But then, she withdrew her petition for divorce on May 3 and filed allegations against the officers just days later on May 9.

Those allegations stated the officers committed crimes of bribery and corruption. However, the Owyhee County Prosecuting Office found no basis.

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The Tobiases say Kevin's domestic battery prosecution was affected by the Middleton Police Department. But the prosecuting attorney found no basis to that either. The investigation report states Jessica used the allegations of misconduct as leverage so her husband's charges would be lessened.

Then on July 6, the Tobias' attorney, Matthew C. Williams, sent a Notice of Tort Claim to the City of Middleton stating the couple intends to sue.

"In the letter the attorney listed everything he could think of even though the misses statements admitted inviting the officers over and voluntarily getting into consensual relations with them," Mayor Taylor added.

Jessica claims she was a vulnerable victim of domestic violence and Middleton police were preying upon her and engaging in exploitive behavior. The Tobiases claim the officers were using their public position for personal gain.

The couple says now, they are damaged and will ask for $500,000.

"We believe that the facts do not justify any claim," Mayor Taylor responded.

Taylor says the officers did not use their force or influence to their advantage, and doesn't believe the couple will be successful in suing the city.

Taylor also tells KTVB that the Tobiases filed for bankruptcy in 2015.

We reached out to Sgt. Walker and the Tobiases via social media on Thursday, as well as their attorney on different occasions this week, but have yet to hear back.