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'Losing this necklace is almost like losing him all over again': Middleton boy loses necklace with dad's ashes

Eight-year-old Jayce Wells lost his dad six months ago. On Tuesday, he was on a walking field trip when he lost the necklace.

MIDDLETON, Idaho — Losing a parent can be devastating, but losing a parent and then losing a necklace with their ashes, can make that loss even harder. 

Jayce Wells, 8, was on a walking field trip in Middleton when he lost his necklace containing his father’s ashes. He lost his dad six months ago. 

“Him losing this necklace is almost like losing him all over again,” Samantha Wells, Jayce’s mom said.

Which is why Samantha turned to Facebook to share what happened, hoping someone would see her post and find that necklace.

“The necklace means to me, [that] when I’m alone I have someone with me to fall asleep,” Jayce Wells said. 

The third grader wears the necklace everyday as a reminder of his father. He says, he’s sad without it, because he doesn’t have his dad with him now.

“I’ve caught him talking to the necklace before, it's really a big piece of his life because he has his dad around his neck all the time,” Samantha Wells said. 

The walking field trip started at Middleton Heights Elementary School, with a stop at the library, the Tank Park, Kravz Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt, before the students returned to the school. 

“We haven't been looking up since we lost the necklace, everyone's been looking down and the neighbors are looking down,” Samantha Wells said. “It's been a chaotic 24 hours, but with the response I’ve been getting from the community, I have hope that we will find it.” 

If you happen to find his necklace, you can contact Samantha here.

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