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Nampa Police save 3-year-old boy run over by a car: 'If it wasn't for them, I don't know if I’d have my kid'

"Tyson is awesome … This here is a perfect example of why we do what we do,” Nampa Police Department Cpl. Bryce Martin said.

NAMPA, Idaho — 3-year-old Tyson Guinn is back to running and jumping around after a car accidentally ran over him nearly two weeks ago. Fortunately, he is okay, thanks to the quick actions of some Nampa Police officers. 

“It was very overwhelming to say the least,” Tyson’s mom, Shalena Jones said. 

Jones told KTVB Tyson was in the garage as she was pulling out of her driveway.

“I had already checked my parameters, made sure we were good. No toys, no kids, nothing,” Jones said. 

However, as she backed out, Tyson ran down the driveway and into the car's path. Thankfully, at that exact moment, Nampa Police officers were assisting probation and parole just down the street. 

“Instantly, we all started running towards the car, just trying to get everything to stop,” Nampa Police Department Cpl. Bryce Martin said. 

The car stopped, but on top of the boy. 

“I didn't see him come running down the driveway,” Jones said. “So, when I had seen all the cops running towards me, I panicked and opened my door and my whole world crumbled.”

Tyson's father, Dustin Guinn, immediately tried pushing the car off Tyson, but struggled until officers arrived on scene just moments later.   

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“[Officer] Arthur Correa just immediately went around the corner and got the car to move and [officer] Tom Arnold immediately started compressions," Martin said. "Then, officer [Justin] Davis and I really just started coordinating things and making sure that we could get family away and get medics in route. Dispatch was also amazing in this and the paramedics, but they were so far away." 

Martin said officer Gunnar Fehrer was also on scene.

The officers then carried Tyson to a patrol car and drove him toward the paramedics. At the time, Tyson had a collapsed lung, which his parents say healed quickly. 

“Essentially he just walked away with bumps and bruises and some road rashes and that's about it,” Guinn said.

The officers visited Tyson in the hospital and then again one week later with gifts. 

“Tyson is awesome,” Martin said. “He's amazing and it's been fun to watch him recover … It really turned this from a tragic situation, to an amazing situation. This here is a perfect example of why we do what we do.”

It’s an encounter that will stay with Tyson and his family, as well as the officers, for years to come. 

“You really can't explain these types of situations, it truly was a miracle,” Martin said. 

Tyson's parents told KTVB they were already supporters of the police community and even have a blue striped flag in front of their house, but now it holds a little more meaning.

“I don’t think thank you is enough, but thank you, we're very grateful,” Guinn said.

“If it wasn't for them, I don't know if I’d have my kid,” Jones said. “That's a debt that I can never repay.”

Jones said they also want to thank their family and community for all of the support they've received.

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