Nampa police are looking for some help from the public.

A family caught a man on video early Monday morning urinating on their truck and driveway.

The video captured at about 2:45 a.m. shows a car pull up, a man get out, and then walk over and urinate on their driveway.

The family and police aren't sure who the man wearing a baseball hat and flannel shirt is.

Suzanne Coffey says her family just put the security system up in the last week. She says when she saw the video Monday morning, she was shocked.

"If you look at the video, the guy looks up, he can see the camera - does he quit? Take off fast? Nope. It's like he is proud of himself, so hopefully he isn't going to be so proud,” said Coffey.

If you have information about the man or the car you are asked to please contact the Nampa Police Department.