KTVB first introduced you to 22-year-old Lucas McCulley weeks ago, when he was asking for your help to get his painful facial tumor removed.

At that point, he was hoping to reach a goal of $10,000.

Since sharing his story, McCulley's GoFundMe account has shot up to more than $108,000.

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KTVB's Gretchen Parsons has been keeping in close contact with McCulley and staying updated on his journey.

McCulley says is so appreciative of all the help and support he has received, but says it's been a little overwhelming for someone who usually avoids crowds and being the center of attention.

“People are like noticing me for being famous, which is a lot different than what usually happens, people are like 'hey I know you, how's it going? People are like, how are you doing?” said McCulley.

Big changes have happened in Lucas McCulley's life since we met at this same Nampa park three weeks ago.

His story has been shared thousands of times, and even picked up by the hit TV series "The Doctors" in Los Angeles, where McCulley spent the past week filming for an episode!

“When I was on the show they were excellent, every single one of them, they took great care of me and my mom when we were there, they did everything for us, the whole entire thing,” said McCulley.

McCulley couldn't reveal too much about his trip, saying we will have to wait and see until it airs in a couple weeks.

But he did drop a hint.

He says the physicians surprised him and we get the feeling it may be a dream-come-true surgery.

We asked if "The Doctors" were going to help him out financially.

“You have to find out with that one,” replied McCulley.

Many people who have donated toward McCulley's GoFundMe account have been asking the same question.

Viewers were also curious what McCulley will do with any left money from the account.

“What they told me to do with it, is use it during my recovery, if I have to go through recovery, if I have to do rehab or stuff like that, I can use it if I can’t work during that time,” said McCulley.

If McCulley does get this life-changing surgery, he does admit he's a little nervous.

He was just 10 years old during his last operation when he says he almost bled out on the operating table.

“Yeah I'm really nervous, I'm petrified of it, but it’s something I got to do, but I'm not going to say that it doesn't scare me and try to act tough because it does scare the crap out of me knowing what happened before and what could happen,” said McCulley.

If his surgery does happen, and goes according to plan, McCulley says he plans to continue living life as he is, and hopefully be an inspiration to others.

“I'm taking the opportunity these people are giving me and try to inspire people that don't like themselves or are scared of themselves, I'm taking a chance to show people be themselves and show strength and have a smile and just be you and happy and love yourself the way you are.”