The entire country got to meet the brave young man from Nampa living with a painful facial tumor.

Lucas McCulley, 22, was featured on the nationally televised show "The Doctors" Tuesday and got some life changing news.

KTVB first introduced the public to Lucas back in August when he was just looking for a little bit of help.

Since his story first aired, his GoFundMe account has shot up to more than $110,000.

That money was to go toward surgery but there was always a question whether or not McCulley's tumor was even operable.

He has had 24 unsuccessful operations and hasn't seen a doctor since the age of 10.

It was revealed on "The Doctors" Tuesday that technology has significantly changed since Lucas was a kid.

"I'm prepared to take on your case and do whatever it is necessary to restore you to a normal appearance," announced Dr. Gregory Levitin of the Vascular Birthmark Center in New York City.

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But first Lucas had to go to a series of appointments and learned just how complex his tumor was.

"We see these every once in a while, and in this case in particular it was just everywhere," explained Dr. Jonathan Cabin, a facial plastic surgeon in Los Angeles. "It was behind the eye, against the brain, attached to the muscles and I think anyone, even if you don't read scans, you can see on his brain what it's doing is pretty extensive."

Dr. Gregory Levitin, who specializes in removing tumors like McCulley's, says there has been significant new technology developments since his previous unsuccessful operations.

"In my experience lymphatic malformations are some of the most challenging malformations that I treat because lymphatic malformations look like nerves when you operate on them," said Dr. Levitin. "But fortunately here where I operate, we have a specialized team that involves intraoperative facial monitoring, so I am very excited to bring that type of technology to a condition like this, and it really wasn't something even available when he started out treatment."

Lucas wasn't available to speak with us today but we caught up with him when he first returned from filming the episode in Los Angeles. He was beyond grateful.

"It's kind of amazing to see how many people are willing to give and willing to help people around them," said McCulley.

And hopes he can inspire others.

"I'm taking the opportunity these people are giving me and try to inspire people that don't like themselves or are scared of themselves, I'm taking a chance to show people be themselves and show strength and have a smile and just be you and happy and love yourself the way you are," said Lucas.

McCulley said his surgery is scheduled for October 17 in New York City.

If you missed him on "The Doctors, you can watch McCulley's episode on Wednesday at 3 p.m. on Idaho's Very Own 24/7.