It's a battle over a fence that has gone on for months.

Bekah and Eric Graves and their son Wyatt live in the Shalimar Terrace subdivision in Nampa. The couple wanted to build a fence to protect their dogs and son in their backyard, much like other families in their neighborhood. They counted more than 25 homes in their neighborhood that had fences.

So they put together a fence proposal for the neighborhood homeowners association, but the family says their request was denied.

“We were told it didn't harmonize with the topography of the area," said Bekah.

So they got to work on a second proposal and found a 2013 HOA newsletter that clearly lists specifications for new fences. Before submitting the proposal, they checked with the city of Nampa to clear the project and they got an interesting response.

"I was asked why are you asking for a permit, you already have a permit for a fence on you property," said Eric.

The previous owner of the house had built a black wrought iron fence on the other side of the house that matched the same specifications listed in the newsletter. So Eric and Bekah submitted their new proposal, but never heard back from the HOA.

The family reached out again and still didn’t hear back, so they went ahead and started building.

"We never heard a word from anybody on the board. I know that multiple members of the board walked past," said Eric.

The Graves did finally hear from their HOA once their fence was finished, they got a notice that the HOA plans on suing over their upgrade.

Their next door neighbor had been told something much different about fencing in the neighborhood. Kim Bekkedahl says she was asked to get a fence to keep her dogs under control.

"I was told why don't you build a fence? I said are you going to pay for it? They said no," said Bekkedahl.

Bekkedahl says she can't figure out why a family that shares a property line was told the opposite thing.

"They want to protect their children and their animals and their fence is fine," said Bekkedahl.

The Graves family says they just want to be treated fairly.

"We never would have purchased this house if we thought it was going to be a problem. We love the neighborhood, we love the neighbors, we wanted to be treated the same as everyone else,” said Bekah.

The attorney for Shalimar Terrace HOA declined to comment on the situation, citing the pending litigation.