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Nampa cleaning company partners with non-profit to clean the homes of cancer patients

Finding time to deep clean a home can be a challenge for anyone, especially those fighting cancer.

BOISE, Idaho — Cancer patients are going through the toughest fights of their lives but one Nampa company is offering them a free helping hand to take care of some chores.

Finding time to deep clean a home can be a challenge for anyone, especially those fighting cancer. 

That's why Scrub N' Bubbles is partnering with a national non-profit to help clean the homes of cancer patients for free. The service helps those families concentrate on helping their loved ones, instead of cleaning.

"Cleaning for a Reason" is a national non-profit that helps cancer patients find free cleaning services. The non-profit understands the burden that these families face and tries to ease that burden - one speck of dust at a time.

Elbie and Becky Seibert know all-too-well how difficult finding to clean your home is while going through cancer treatments.

Elbie has been battling stage four cancer since November, which has taken a significant toll on himself and his wife.

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Becky also has a disability that makes it difficult for her to get around the house and clean.

"We get a lot out of seeing the warriors battle," Renee Dickinson, the owner of Scrub 'N Bubbles, said. "Elbie is a warrior and his wife is battling right alongside him and to be able to be a part of helping them through that battle is really amazing."

The services are something that Elbie and Becky really appreciate and are grateful for.

"It helps a lot so we're thankful," Elbie said. "It makes me feel loved it makes me feel like they care about us and I just am so grateful because it not only helps our family but other families in need. It means a lot because it doesn't weigh her down with responsibilities."

For Dickinson, "Cleaning for a Reason" is about more than just helping those who are facing the fight of their lives. She has a personal connection to the organization as well.

"My mom got sick with cancer three years ago and passed away," she said. "This is just my way of honoring my mom, to make some good on my mom's life."

It's also helping Elbie and Becky make good with the time they have left together.

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