Just by looking outside, it's clear we have a lot less snow in southern Idaho compared to this time last year.

Friday, officials got the first reading of just how much snow has fallen and the water content in it.

Snowpack measured at Mores Creek Summit was just half of what's average for this time of year.

Farmers, skiers and irrigators are hoping that more winter storms are on the way.

"We measured 25 inches of depth and a year ago the depth was 52 inches, so it's a lot less than a year ago," says Ron Abramovich, a USDA hydrologist.

It's not the greatest news for skiers hoping to make the most out their season passes this winter, but there is still time for more snowstorms.

"So what we're hoping for is that La Niña weather pattern is going to kick in and start bringing more storms into this part of Idaho," says Abramovich.

As far as the water content in the mountain snowpack, it also measured below average.

"We took five samples along the snow course here and we averaged them together and we only came up with 6.3 inches of water," says Abramovich.

Normal levels usually measure at 12 inches.

Although it would be ideal for levels to be higher, irrigators and farmers will still be able to get by after the heavy winter we had last year.

"In years past I think we would be a little bit worried that only half of the water normal water content of the snow, but this isn't a normal year. Last year we had La Niña and all of the reservoirs are full, all the rivers are running high and we actually think we are in better shape now then we have been in past years," says Jake Putnam with the Idaho Farm Bureau.

With reservoirs full, farmers can plant more row crops like corn, beats, beans, and onions, which require more water.

"You can't forget onions, those are big cash crops in Idaho. We are sitting at a very good spot right now, we're very enthusiastic, and for farmers and ranchers, it's all systems go right now," says Putnam.

Friday's snow water levels were just the first of this winter, so in future readings, if this year was anything like last year, they could dramatically change.