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More details in Emmett murder and arrest

More details in Emmett murder and arrest

EMMETT -- The motive and the details are becoming clear in a brutal murder in Emmett.

On July 8, 2013, Idaho State Police say 78-year-old Darole Carpenter was killed in his own home.

Authorities told us at the time they were unable to release many details about the crime because they were still searching for the suspect.

But, on Friday officers arrested the man they say is responsible, and now police are releasing more information about the suspect and the victim.


Idaho State Police Captain Bill Gardiner tells us Darole Carpenter was an active community member in Emmett.

He says Carpenter was also active in his church, and his murder has been hard on his family, friends and neighbors.

Gardiner says Carpenter met the man now charged in his murder many years ago.

He says Douglas Anderson was hired by Carpenter as his ferrier, helping to take care of his horses.

Over time he asked the victim if he was interested in financial arrangements and he made some investments for him using Mr. Carpenter's money, said Gardiner.

Police say Anderson took $30,000 from Carpenter, promising to invest the money in cattle and hay.

But police say Carpenter never saw the money again and confronted Anderson.

When Mr. Carpenter began to inquire about those investments, it's our belief that he turned to homicide, said Gardiner.


On July 8, police believe Anderson violently killed Carpenter inside his home. They say he beat Carpenter in the head and stabbed him several times in the stomach.

This was a grizzly scene, horrific, even some of our seasoned officers, it caused them to pause, said Gardiner.

Investigators then found Anderson's phone number in Carpenter's cell phone history and quickly connected him financially as well.

In checking Mr Anderson's financial records, it was easy to see there were large amounts of money being transferred and large amounts of money leaving Mr. Carpenter, so everything pointed to him, said Gardiner.


On Friday, police arrested Anderson at a home in Salmon without incident. He now faces several charges, including first-degree murder, forgery, and three counts of grand theft.

He was arraigned in Lemhi County on Monday and is being held on a $1 million bond. Anderson is scheduled to be extradited back to Gem County this week.


Police tell us they have already connected Anderson with other victims -- including an Idaho couple.

Some of his charges stem from taking $230,000 from the couple under the pretense of an investment.

Now, police wonder if there could be more victims as well. They say if you know anything more about Anderson, or other possible cases of fraud connected to him, call Idaho State Police.

As for ISPCaptain Gardner, he's happy that Anderson is behind bars.

It is a big sigh of relief to get a person like this off the streets, where he has little regard to human life, said Gardiner.

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