Whether you know it or not, there are vending machines in nearly every dormitory at Boise State University that carry contraceptives for 25 cents.

One student is proposing stocking machines with a much more expensive form of birth control and other items such as pregnancy tests and allergy medications.

"It's pregnancy tests, ibuprofen, allergy medicine, Midol, tampons, condoms, Plan B," says Haydn Bryan, a junior at Boise State.

Those are some of the items Bryan wants to see in vending machines on campus.

He plans on placing it on the second story of the Student Union Building.

"Its' going to be just right around here," points out Bryan.

Right next to the Coke machine.

"It reduces the stigma for sexual health items definitely when they are placed next to food items, it makes it a more normal occurrence when just purchasing a pregnancy test or a soda right next to it," explains Bryan.

Contraceptives, pregnancy tests, allergy medication, even Plan B, are all products that are already available at the University's Health Services.

These items are also sold at most gas stations or over the counter at pharmacies.

The difference of having these products right on campus, BSU's Director of Wellness Dr. Michelle Ihmels says, it's convenience and safety.

"Some of the other products, the cold medicine, and those kinds of things that we offer through health services, were only open eight to five Monday thru Friday. So limited hours if you need something after five or on the weekends, were not available so I think its great," says Dr. Ihmels.

Bryan says the vending machine also offers a more private setting.

"Like if they are going to purchase a pregnancy test, they could be super uncomfortable with that, they may not want to talk to a health care provider," says Bryan.

Bryan got the idea from UC Davis where these vending machines already exist.

He says bringing them to BSU is becoming more of a reality.

"So my next step is going to the Associated Students of Boise State University and getting their endorsement, and then I'm going to come back later for a sponsored project and get funding, which would cover the entire cost of the vending machine and the wrapping that goes around it," says Bryan.

The vending machine itself will cost about $4,000 and $300 for the vinyl wrap.

Hopefully, sponsored by the Associated Students of Boise State University, the vending machine will be stocked by the university bookstore.

Bryan says he was expecting some opposition but so far hasn't received any.

"I couldn't see this as being controversial, just because these are already products offered by university health services, this is just an extension of those services," says Bryan.