BOISE - More changes are coming to the way Boiseans recycle.

Last month we learned plastics labeled three through seven will no longer be accepted until this spring. That's when Boise rolls out a new program to recycle those items into synthetic fuel.

But now officials say paper won't be allowed in the blue bins, unless residents want to pay more.

Because of the volatility of the recycling industry in China, city officials will have to decide to either stop accepting paper all together, except for cardboard, or continue accepting it but charge residents a higher price.

If the city council decides the latter, materials would have to be recycled domestically, which would cause the price spike.

"It’s really a matter of do the people of Boise want to continue recycling paper and are willing to pay a little extra to do so, or do they think we should just hold off at least for the next six to 12 months on collecting mixed-use paper in order to let the market settle and understand in the future if there might be an option for this paper," says city spokesman Mike Journee.

It’s unclear when council members will make a decision.

If the body does decide to go with the rate increase option, residents will have a chance to weigh in.