BOISE - A popular campground in the Boise National Forest, Bull Trout Campground, and surrounding recreation areas have been closed again because of reports of bear encounters.

The campground was closed earlier this summer for the same reason - bear encounters. It was later reopened after officials said one bear appeared to have left the area and another was euthanized.

Officials now say a black bear that appears to be accustomed to humans and their food has been reported in dispersed sites next to the campground.

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The Bull Tout Lake Campground will remain closed for the rest of the season. The dispersed sites in the area will reopen by Sept. 14 if the bear has been removed. To take a look at the closed areas, click here.

Bull Trout Lake campers that made reservations online are asked to contact the reservation line found here. Those who paid cash for their reservation should call the Lowman Ranger Station for camping vouchers.

For more information and tips for avoiding a dangerous encounter with a bear, check out this website.