As torrential rain continues to pour down over southeast Texas, forcing thousands of people from their homes, donations are pouring in from across the country to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

And as families fill area shelters with not much more than the clothes on their backs, diapers are one amongst many items needed, according to the Texas Diaper Bank in San Antonio.

But if you live in Idaho, there are a few things you may want to consider before hitting the store and stocking up to send down south.

Texas is a long way from Idaho, which is why both the Idaho Diaper Bank and the Red Cross for Idaho and Montana are asking for monetary donations.

Officials from the Idaho Diaper Bank say shipping diapers is financially impossible for them, but a monetary donation can be used to purchase pallets of diapers wholesale through their Huggies program, and then be delivered directly to their Texas facility.

Also, the Red Cross says by the time time diapers shipped from Idaho arrive in Texas, the need can quickly change because the situation is so fluid.

"Sometimes the need changes very quickly by the time we are able to get a truckload of water down there that's not what they need any more, they need cleanup supplies instead, so it's just way more efficient for us to have the money to get into their hands as soon as possible," said Red Cross communications director Matt Ochsner.

Ochsner added that by sending a monetary donation to the Red Cross, that money can be spent where the disaster is happening and help that local economy, which usually takes a pretty big hit during a natural disaster.

You can donate directly to the American Red Cross and the Harvey Disaster Relief Fund by clicking here.

Every dollar makes a difference.