With temperatures at or near record highs lately, construction workers are in heaven. Some are catching up from last year's long and wet winter and spring.

Workers are out right now like it's months later on the calendar. We stopped by a house in Meridian getting a sprinkler system put in for pressurized irrigation.

Josh Edwards, construction manager for Brighton Homes, says this warmer weather is definitely a big help.

"With this nice weather we're able to excavate a lot easier," said Edwards. "This time last year we were dealing with frost up to two feet deep trying to dig the homes to get the foundations in and then you have to tent and heat the foundations. Obviously, this year, you can just go without any of those complications."

Of course that's good news for those waiting for their homes to be built. The wait may be a little shorter as compared to this time last year.

On the sales side of things, Brighton Homes says there are more buyers at this time compared to last year. A typical winter is slower for real estate than other seasons, but when the weather is mild and the sun is shining folks start looking and purchasing.