Bullying and cyber-bullying are ongoing issues both in schools and in the workplace nationwide and locally.

A Meridian woman has gone viral with her social posts after she received anonymous text messages attacking her appearance.

Alex Brown received those text messages from an untraceable number.

"After it happened I was afraid to talk to everyone I know," Brown said.

The text messages criticized her weight and called her the definition of American obesity.

"They were pretty much just badgering me. Telling me they know who I am and that we've been friends for a while. They didn't want to tell me in person, but I've gained weight," Brown said.

Alex said the most hurtful part of the message was about her business as an esthetician.

"'[They said] it'll eventually start affecting your business, so I guess you'll realize no one wants a fat a** making them prettier you'll stop inhaling twinkies and beer.' I think that's the part that may have hit the most," Brown said. "I didn't know how to react. I kind of just sat there for a second."

Alex later shared the messages on social media.

"I just wanted people to know it does happen and to prove that even though it does, there's ways to not let it affect you," Brown said.

The response has been overwhelming.

"I've received messages from people not only praising me about staying strong, but I've also had a ton of girls message me who had eating disorders, thanking me for being strong," Brown said.