The city of Meridian is taking volunteer sign-ups right now from people who are willing to help during emergency snow situations.

Meridian's incident command team has been meeting for months to try to think of new ways to prepare for this winter and how they can help those who can't shovel snow.

"Maybe there's an elderly person that can't get out to get their medications or a company like Norco may not be able to make an urgent delivery," said Steve Siddoway, Meridian Parks and Recreation Director.

They came up with an idea to create a snow brigade. So they're gathering a list of volunteers who are willing and able to shovel snow for those in need this winter.

"It allows us to find those volunteers ahead of time who are willing to help out and then we can match up those needs in the future," Siddoway said.

This will only go into effect if a state of emergency is declared. If that declaration happens a hotline is triggered. People can call the city asking for help with urgent needs.

"Those needs would then be prioritized by that incident command team," Siddoway said. "Then we have a volunteer coordinator that would then be reaching out to the list of volunteers to match up the volunteers that we have ready with our database to those prioritized calls coming into the hotline."

Anyone can volunteer. So far, the city said the response has been positive.