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Meridian Fire issues warning after battery sparks house fire

A metal object touching both battery posts can spark enough heat to get a fire going, the department said.
Credit: Meridian Fire

MERIDIAN, Idaho — Meridian Fire is warning residents to be careful about how they store items after a 9-volt battery sparked a small fire at a home in Meridian.

The fire department shared a photo of the scorched pantry where the battery had been stored.

"9-Volt batteries can be dangerous as the positive and negative posts are very close together," Meridian Fire wrote. "If a metal object touches the two posts of a 9-volt battery, it can cause a short circuit which can make enough heat to start a fire."

People can protect against an accidental fire by storing the batteries in their original container. In addition, the posts of used batteries should be covered with a cap or tape prior to throwing them in the trash. Even weak or nearly-dead batteries may have enough charge to start a fire, officials said. 

For more fire safety tips, visit the Meridian Fire website here.