Investigators continue to look into why a man armed with a gun tried to break into home south of Meridian Wednesday night. Three people are dead after the home invasion.

There are still lots of questions yet to be answered, like how that home became fully engulfed in fire.

The Critical Incident Task Force continues to look into how everything unfolded.

Investigators say they know that two deputies fired at the suspect, but it's still unclear if the suspect shot at deputies.

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The house is located off Linder and Amity roads. The property is about 2.5 acres. The house itself was about 3,000 square feet.

According to the Ada County assessor, the house was built in 1910.

Firefighters tell us it appeared the house was made of wood. Now, the only thing left standing is a brick chimney.

For firefighters and police on scene this was a very tough situation.

With a possible active shooter and the house quickly becoming fully involved with fire, deciding what to do with the situation was very tough.

"In looking at how involved the structure was with fire, we apply our risk benefit, our risk a lot to save a lot and at some point the building can be so involved with fire that there is no savable life in there, so in those situation we don't enter the building," said Meridian Fire Battalion Chief Ken Welborn.

Firefighters say this situation was also tough because there were no fire hydrants near the house, so they had to bring their own water.

Investigators still haven't released the identity of the victims.

The two bodies that were found in the rubble will have to be identified by DNA, and that will take some time.

The man rescued from the fire but later died in a Salt Lake City burn unit has not been identified yet either.

The CITF will continue to investigate and determine what exactly happened between deputies and the suspect.

We are told there is body camera footage of this incident, but it has not been released. That could come at a later date.